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Frequently Asked Questions
Freshly founded in 2017 and based in Düsseldorf, Germany, The Rarehouse is Europe´s revolutionary online marketplace for limited and highly-desired sneakers. With a free-of-charge authentication service, The Rarehouse ensures that all sneakers leaving the German headquarters are authentic and in original condition.
We are always there for our customers. You can reach us seven days a week, 24 hours a day via
All items are required to be 100% authentic, unworn, in the original box and to come with all accessories (e.g. extra shoelaces, booklets, etc.) included.
We build up an Authentication Database which includes Data for every sneaker which is sold through The Rarehouse. Our team consists of sneaker experts with a combined industry expertise of 20+ years. All of our items are inspected by at least 2 team members. Every single detail from the box, to the inside stitching, is checked with the uttermost care.
It´s as easy as it gets! Browse through our catalogue of thousands of sneakers, choose your desired sneaker, and select your size. You can now decide if you want to match the current lowest ask (meaning the lowest price someone is currently willing to sell your desired item for) or leave a Bid (meaning the highest price you would be willing to pay for said item).
If you don´t want to pay as much as the current lowest ask, you can leave a Bid. This is the price you are willing to pay for the item of your choice. If you are the highest bid, any seller can decide to match your bid, which leads to your payment method being charged. You can delete, alter or pause your bid at any time. Please note that any matched bid equals a final transaction and can not be cancelled under any circumstances.
We are shipping worldwide, with the best possible shipping option there is on the market for the respective countries. Please note that buyers outside of the European Union Customs Union are responsible for all customs, duties, taxes and other potential fees.
That´s up to you! When posting a bid you can choose on how long it will be active! Please note that a matched bid equals a final transaction and that your payment method will be charged!
Unfortunately, all orders are final and cannot be cancelled. This is necessary to secure the quality of our marketplace.
Unfortunately, The Rarehouse does not allow any returns nor withdrawals. However, if there is anything wrong with your order, please contact and we will try to find a solution. Please note that if the authentication tag is removed, all transactions are 100% final under any circumstances.
Since our shipping process is two-staged, it usually takes 3-5 days for all orders within Germany and 5-7 days for all international orders to arrive.
The range of payment options depends on your location. We offer the following payment options:
Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express)
WeChat Pay
All our Payments are processed via Stripe, one of the largest and most secure payment processors worldwide.
Each product which is sold through The Rarehouse is put through a thorough authentication process using our authentication database. We guarantee the authenticity of your items 100% and guarantee to refund the buyer on the rare occasion that there is a mistake on our side. For questions regarding authenticity, please contact us at
Exactly 0%! It comes completely for free for you as a buyer.
If you have any concerns about the authenticity of the sneakers you have received from The Rarehouse, please send us an email at .
If the seller does not ship within 48 hours, we try everything in our power to still fulfil the transaction. If we can´t find a solution to get you your desired items, we will refund you in full. Furthermore, the seller´s account will be reviewed, and necessary measurements enforced.
The cost of shipping is 6€ for all buyers from Germany and 15€ for all buyers within the EU. Please refer to our shipping section for detailed information for all locations outside of the EU.
You can track the current status of your order anytime in your account in the “Buying” section. Once we send the sneakers your way, you will receive an e-mail with your tracking info.
As long as you are located within the European Union Customs Union (EUCU), you don’t have to pay any duties, fees or taxes. If the product is shipped to a location outside of the EUCU, the buyer is responsible for all duties, fees and taxes. We will not declare the shipment as a gift or with a lower value than the actual sales price.
It´s as easy as it gets! Browse through our catalogue of thousands of sneakers, choose the sneaker you want to sell and select your size. You can now decide if you want to match the current highest bid (meaning the highest price someone is currently willing to pay for your item in your size) or leave an Ask (meaning the lowest price you would be willing to sell your item for).
You will receive an email with all necessary instructions on the next steps. You will find your prepaid shipping label as well as the instruction page in the selling section of your account. Please print the instructions, put them with your sneakers in the shipment box, and ship your sneakers (with our shipping label) to us. Please do not under any circumstances use a different shipping method than the prepaid shipping label provided by us.
It is under no circumstances possible to cancel any transaction. All matched asks are final. If you fail to ship the item within the 48-hour timeframe, you will be charged 15% of the transaction value and your Rarehouse Account will be permanently suspended.
We are sorry, but we currently only accept Sellers who are located in the European Union Customs Union. We will notify you as soon as this changes. However, we would like to welcome all of our international users to use The Rarehouse as their platform to buy their desired sneakers!
Placing an ask is simple - just open the page of the sneaker you want to sell, click on the current lowest ask, select a size and enter your own ask.
That´s up to you! When posting your ask, you may choose how long your ask will be visible to the buyers, as long as it is the lowest! You may choose between 1, 7, 14 and 30 days!
We take 8% of the transaction value as our transaction fee.
The cost of shipping is 6€ for all buyers from Germany and 15€ for all buyers within the EU.
As soon as a transaction is final, you will receive a prepaid shipping label and an overview of your transaction from us in your account overview. Put the overview in the box together with your sneakers and use the shipping label to send your sneakers to us. It is not possible to use your own shipping label, please DO NOT ship your parcel with anything but our shipping label.
You must send your sneakers within two business days to The Rarehouse, otherwise, your payment method will be charged with a fine equal to 15% of the transaction value.
Please use our Sneaker request tool, which you can find in the footer of our site.
’Deadstock’ means that the sneakers are unworn, in the original box, the tags are still attached to the shoe and all accessories are included (e.g. extra laces).
We currently offer the options to cash out either via Paypal or via Bank Transfer.
As soon as your sneakers have passed our authentication, you will receive your Payout via your chosen Payout method.
If your sneakers are found to be fake, we will charge 15% of the transaction value off your credit card and will either dispose of them or send them back to you at your own cost. For any further questions, please email
Congratulations, you have made it and probably sold your first pair of sneakers through The Rarehouse! All you have to do now is to head to the selling section in your account, print the transaction overview, and put it together with your items in a shipping box and attach our shipping label. You can find this label in the selling section of your account. Then, simply drop it off at your nearest post office.
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