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Buy & Sell Used Sneakers at The Rarehouse!

Buy & Sell Used Sneakers at The Rarehouse!

Getting every single hyped release is the dream of basically every sneaker collector that turns out to be pretty expensive in the long term, even if you get every single pair at retail. 
The solution is simple but has been tough in it's execution - until now! You can now simply resell the sneakers you have bought and even worn on our used market with the same benefits that you already know from our Deadstock market:

Bildergebnis für check mark png No Fakes - All items are handauthenticated by our experts before being shipped out to the buyer
Bildergebnis für check mark png No Chargebacks - All payments are securely held by us and released to the sellers
Bildergebnis für check mark png No Timewasting - All transactions are final, making flaking impossible
Bildergebnis für check mark png Lowest Fees worldwide
Bildergebnis für check mark png No Customs for buyers within the EU 

We are proud and happy to say that we are the first and only platform to offer this feature in Europe! 

How does it Work?


1. Select the product you want to sell and go to it's own product page


2. Click 'Sell or Ask' and select the condition 'Used' and the size you want to sell

OH8MHiZ.png     VOZR1fs.png



3. Select the condition of the shoes and their box and write a short description




4. Upload the requested pictures and upload more if desired

pL1mzUj.png             SpsnJb5.png



5. Decide how much you want to ask for your pair


The seller will then receive a prepaid shipping label from us with which he has to ship the shoes to us within two days for authentication. 
Upon arrival, the shoes will be checked for authenticity and condition and will even get a perfunctory clean before being sent out to their buyer!
On the other hand, the seller receives his money the same day as the authentication happens, making The Rarehouse the easiest and safest marketplace to buy and sell brand new as well as used sneakers! 

Stay tuned for further updates, such as our second hand market for Supreme! 

In Realness We Trust


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